Friday, April 4, 2014

The Future

Drama, mystery and intrigue.  I am not really a fan of TV or movies with significant suspense, anticipation of catastrophe or extreme dramatic tension.  The last film I saw in the theater with these characteristics found me literally trembling uncontrollably in my seat, my eyes glued to the screen.  

I am not ashamed of this bit of self-knowledge.  I sleep well most nights without such sensory overload being incorporated into my evenings.  It is a simple thing to change the channel or mute the sound or turn the set off when you own the venue.  I honestly find it empowering to release myself from the mind meld that seems to occur when I watch TV.

My life has been full of drama, mystery and intrigue and I have many, many questions that do not have answers.  I like to "know" and understand "why" things are as they are.  Unfortunately that is not always possible and I have decided to accept that.  

It has only taken me my entire life to come to this point.  I am glad I made it because now I can relax and enjoy what is left.  I know there will be times when events will unfold before my eyes that will leave me trembling in my seat.  I can choose to bolt for the door and hope I make it without falling or decide to wait until the lights come back up and calmly make my way home again. 

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