Thursday, January 5, 2023

Keeping My Eyes Open

 Every now and then I struggle to keep my eyes open.  MS fatigue (lassitude) is unlike normal fatigue.  It's a weariness that makes it challenging to manage daily self-care.  All that matters is that you're able to lie down, somewhere.  When I have days like this, it starts first thing in the morning, even after a decent night's sleep.  I eat breakfast, and despite having a couple of cups of coffee, my body says, "Take a nap, why don't you?"

Full disclosure:  I recently got a new puppy.  Leo.  A yellow coated, chihuahua-terrier mix.  Energy personified, but packaged in a size that accommodates rapid sprints up and down the hallway.  Whoever invented the tennis ball has another tiny canine devotee who deeply appreciates his ball.  

So, needless to say, I am getting more exercise lately.  Fortunately, Leo isn't one to cry through the night.  He tucks in at about my same bedtime and we meet up again in the morning.  He also has taken quite well to a Porch Potty.  I don't have a proper backyard, so it's awesome that he uses this.  He's already signaling his need to go out by running to the back door.  I don't sit down for long these days, but the puppy phase will eventually end. But here are my stats for our first week together:

2386 calories
27,653 steps
12.62 miles
69 flights climbed

To be fair I should also mention the cat.  She's a senior with health issues that have to be tended to.  My master bedroom has become a feline hospice, and the bathroom now houses a litter box, water fountain and food.  

So.... when I found myself with a bit of quiet time to put my feet up and read a little this morning, my eyelids would not cooperate.

I've had to learn to give myself permission to rest and give up the to-do list.  

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